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Absman Horrible Revenge

by absguy

Everybody in the gym called him Absman and not his name Gary. Why? The reason was obvious, he had great abs. Great was not an appropriate word, but there were no appropriate words to describe his abs. He worked as a gym trainer, he started with a small class in a small negligible shop in the town. But very quickly, students spread words about his body, especially his abs. "Washboard", "six-packed" were actually understatements, because the muscles on his abs were so lean and dense, if you tested the fat content, it showed zero, an ultimate fat-free muscles. The whole abdominal zone was chiseled into 8 smaller compartments, they were rectangular in
shape, flattened but firm and solid. Solid like a rock. Most of his students commented.

All the 8 packs of compact muscular blocks joined up to form a group of steel-hard muscles in big oval formation, both sides of this group of spectacular muscles were embraced by piano-keys lateral oblique muscles, layer by layer, piece by piece. Women were crazy over his superb bodice, his look was even more dashing, tough look with square trimmed jaws, high nose and tight lips. At the end, he attracted more gay men than any other gyms in the town. He turned away a lot of students, he just wanted to work from 9 to 5, after 5, he grilled and drilled his body alone, sometimes with selected men, never with women. One of the students dreams was to practice with him after 5. But after 7, he had to go home. He never stayed out at night, a lot of women or men tried to date him but never once he agreed. Because at night, he turned into a justice male masked hero.

Nobody knew his name, but with his superbly sculpted abs, the people in town called the male hero Absman. But his students never ever related this Absman to their Absman because he didn't show his supremacy in martial art before. He was once challenged by a karate amateur who believed that he was the Absman, but when he fought with him, apart from hard bodice, he was easily defeated. The masked hero Absman was an idol to the town people, he cleaned up
the crimes and turned the town into one of the safest places to stay. But his bravery offended the local police force, especially Busey who worked together with illegal smugglers who used to pay him thousands of dollars for drug delivery. So Busey and the smugglers vowed to get rid of Absman once and for all.


Kane, his informer and also the only person who knew about Absman's identity informed him that a load of smuggled drug would take place in the Eastport tonight. Eastport was a deserted place and it made a good spot for the delivery of smuggled goods. Gary as usual practiced a few rounds of martial art and did some routine workouts to solidify his muscles before he put on Absman's costume. The costume consisted of a black eye mask, sleeveless lycra which covered until the end of the sternum, short rubber pant which hugged the half of length of his striated thigh. He wore leather glove with steel stud on his knuckles, a few pieces of weapons were hung around his waist and he put on a tight-fit military boot. It was a very attractive attire, when he changed into Absman, his superbly sculpted abs was completely exposed. Both of his slender but wavy arms exuded powerful feel as the muscles just glossed under moonlight. His thighs were bundled up with compact muscular fibers and the shin was as hard as steel with the calves muscles bulged out prominent when it tapered into narrow ankles.

It was a delectable body frame to lavish, it was an object of
admiration and at the same time envy to many men and villains.

Kane who just hang up his phone looked worried and restless. He knew
that this might be Absman's last mission but there was nothing much
he could do. He was forced into this conspiracy to set up Absman
with Busey as his daughter was under their captivity.
Due to his own selfishness, he had to sacrifice Absman for the
safety of his daughter.

Around 1.00am, Absman arrived at Eastport. It was pitch dark and he
treaded prudently in the dark looking for any activities. His lycra
half-length shirt and rubber short pant flashed silvery light under
the bathe of the moonlight. His pristine marble-like muscles
reflected oily glossiness which moved like waves under the motion.
Then he noticed a dim light inside a huge abandoned warehouse.

He climbed up the warehouse with his hiking slinger and through a
huge leakage on the
roof, he saw two groups of people were sitting besides a table.
There were open suitcases
on the table, one was full of white powdery materials and another
one, cash. Absman precariously crawled on the central beam high
above the table, then he hooked himself to the beam with a long
rope. Suddenly, he just plunged and landed right on the table!

"Time's up, guys." He said.

The group of people were shocked to see the intruder and even more
surprise to see he was Absman. Before they could react, Absman
already swung into action. His continuous kicks and punches were so
swift and precise that nobody would be able to even duck.

THUD!THOMP!KAPOW!BLAM! Just within a few minutes, more than 10
people from both parties were grounded. His agility was superb, he
just bounced up and down from the table to the floor and among the
hooligans. When he was about to tie them up, he heard a group of
people entering the warehouse. He turned to take a look, he was
slightly shocked to see Busey standing there akimbo.

He knew Busey, he respected Busey as a senior police officer and he
always thought that Busey should be thankful for his deed as he
cleaned up the city from infesting crimes.

"You came at the right time, they are all yours." Absman said, in
doubt as he noticed that his followers were not policemen.

"Look at you, Absman." Busey said, "You are strong, muscular,
skillful but you abuse your own ability. You should make full use of
your capability to accumulate wealth, like me, I make full use of my
position in the police force to make tons of monies every year
until you come."

" you are not to arrest this bunch of scambags?" Absman asked

"No, no, no." Said Busey, "I am here to crush you once and for all."

"NO." suddenly a huge figure appeared from behind, "Not so soon,
instant death for a hero like Absman is too easy."

"Who are you?" Absman asked.

"Surely you won't recognize me anymore." The figure stood into the
light, his face was totally disfigured with keloid, "I am Rodrigo,
Rodrigo Santoro, the Columbian drug mafia who almost died in the car

"I thought you were dead?" Absman asked, slightly stammering.

"I escaped the explosion with 4th degree burnt, it took 10 painful
months for me to recover." Rodrigo said, "I remember you whenever
I look at my face on the mirror, the plastic surgeon concluded that
it was beyond any improvement, I will look like this forever."

"You deserve it." Said Absman heroically, "You have destroyed
thousand of lives with your potent drug and concoctions, you
actually deserve to die."

"Very courageous comment." Busey said, "You better watch out your
tongue if you want to minimize your agony."

"Well, Absman." Said Rodrigo, "Let me introduce my Punishing Team ?br> Kim, Bob,
Leon and Nuo." Four of them appeared from behind the entrance,
Absman's jaws almost dropped when he looked at them ?all of them
were super heavyweight bodybuilding champions, each of them was at
least packed with 350 pounds of pure solid muscles, they were all
above 6 feet, their arms were as huge as tree trunks, their fists
were the size of the ball of waterpolo.

Absman retreated a few steps.

"This is Rodrigo's team, but there are another 5 teams from the
victims who are serving time in the jail." Said Busey, "There is no
escape for you today, Absman.

Absman knew that it was a set-up. He knew that he was heavily
outnumbered, that was his greatest disadvantage. He had not much fear
with the big bodybuilders, size was
not a hurdle to him. But he realized there would be a few more teams
of villains who might wear him down. He needed back up but no one
could help now.

The only way was to elope from the site.

He examined the surroundings and found one opened door which was
located on his right sides. But the bodybuilders were inching towards
him, building up a huge wall to contain him in the middle. Absman
made the first move, he swiftly ran towards the door,
Neo was on his way. With a single leap, Absman stepped on Neo’s knee
and used it as a leverage to plummet himself into the air and
somersaulted across Neo’s head. As graceful as a gymnast, Absman
landed firmly behind him. Without wasting any time, he dashed towards
the opened exit.

The bulky villains definitely was no match at speed, the lean
and slender Absman moved as slick as eel. When he reached the
doorstep, suddenly a huge figure appeared from the side of the door.
Absman tried to stop and avoid him, but it was too late.


It was a loud gut-pounding sound. The fist was as swift as
lightning, it was ferocious,
powerful and damaging. Absman just hunched over with both arms
cradling to both sides of his obliques. His handsome face twisted
tremendously in total shock. Despite having
the abs as hard as steel, this one punch was exceptionally painful,
it was liked penetrating his muscular armoured wall and pummeling his
internal organs.

Absman’s wish to escape was shattered, this one and only punch
vaporized all his chances.

“Welcome to hell, Absman.” The figure said with husky voice.
Then he snatched a handful of Absman’s hair and yanked his head
upwards to look at him. “Remember
me? I am your greatest nightmare, Druglord!”

The name truly sent a chilly wave down Absman’s, he heard
about this name but he had never encountered him personally yet, but
from the told tales, he knew that this guy,
Druglord, was vicious, relentless and incredibly strong. Vicious and
relentless, he was not very sure but strong, definitely he was.

“There was no way out, superhunk.” Said Druglord who was almost
7 feet tall and packed with 280 pounds of muscles. “You’ll see me
later, but now back to the combat ring.” He then hurled his right
arm and Absman was thrown away liked a ragged doll in the air.

Obviously, everything was well prepared for Absman, as soon as
he crashed-landing on the floor, a square metallic transparent box
was lowered to confine him in the middle with those 4 huge
bodybuilders. It was a 10 feet x 10 feet box, Absman was some sort of
being trapped inside, the tightness of space limited his motion and
undermined his advantages of being more agile. All of the huge
villains just grinned and they were so eager to pulverize the
handsome and totally body-ripped hero into pulp.

Absman unleashed a punch towards Bob.

Thud! It hit Bob’s squarishly cut abs. No effect.

THUD!THUD!THUD! Another 3 swift punches, harder and more
powerful. But still no effect. Absman couldn’t believe it. He always
released punches with internal “chi”, although his fist was rather
small, but once it contacted the object, its “chi” would be
dispersed in the form of great strength which defeat the villains
easily. But to Bob, the effect was zero, his muscles were liked made
of concrete.

Then he sensed that Neo came in from behind, Absman skillfully
lifted a back kick and connected his groin. Neo was expressionless
even though the kick was precise and vicious. Absman followed the
assault with an elbow which sank deep inside Neo’s rippling abs. He
expected some groan, but again nothing. Neo just stood there liked
nothing happening .

Something must be wrong! Absman told himself and immediately
after this short lapse of thought, situation turned desperate and
grim for Absman.

THWAK! Bob just swung his arm to slap Absman’s right cheek. He
was instantly flung towards Kim. Kim already fully pumped up his arms
and like double hammers, he crashed Absman’s undulated back

KAPOWWWW! The force sent Absman careening forwards with a groan
ARGGHHH! Leo who stood right in front of Absman showed him a cruel
smile and
CCCHHHUUUDDD! He fired a complete round hook with his right arm which
planted his enormous fist deep into Absman’s cobblestone gut!

YARRGGHHHHH! A feverish pitch screaming stirred the air and
Absman’s knee buckled in undescribable throes. He was trapped inside
this small space, he was surrounded by four “exceptionally” strong
bodybuilders, he was cornered and he was totally outnumbered.

Rodrigo was pleased to see the unbelievably handsome face of
Absman’s contorted beyond depiction. Busey was so satisfied to hear
Absman’s pitiful scream. The Druglord felt so horny now and he
couldn’t wait any longer to lay his hands on this granite-polished
muscles of Absman.

“What happen Superhunk?” Asked Rodrigo, “Not as strong as my
combatants? Hahahahaha! These 4 combatants had been injected with
super-enhancer drugs, this drug makes them stronger, makes their
muscles rubbery and numb, this is why your attack was futile to them.
I have been dreaming of this moment, I lost millions and millions of
dollars when you busted my operations, so did Druglord. So today, it
is payback time and don’t worry, you won’t die yet, your death doesn’
t really worth the amount of monies we lost. Hahahahaha…………………….”

Absman now understood what was happening, despite his texture of
muscles as compact and solid as enhanced concrete, but every hit from
the these 4 combatants were so real and damaging. It truly hurt liked
hell, it was a heart-wrenching pain which he never suffered before.

Absman cuddled his abs with his right arm and supported his
kneeling body with his left. Sweats oozed out from his forehead, his
handsome face flinched and cringed in tight distortion. The first
punch from Leo already sent him reeling helplessly.

How long can I stand? Absman asked himself in vain. But his
heroism and tough mettle strengthened his will to survive and go on
in spite of what may come.

“Bashing time.” Said Neo.

Neo grabbed Absman’s hair from behind and tossed him up from
the floor, then he slipped his huge right arm behind both arms of
Absman to lock them tight. Due to his greater height, Absman was
practically above the floor with both legs flailing haplessly.
Neo’s left palm yanked his head upwards to look at the other
combatants and the tenacious locking with his right arms tugged
Absman’s already tout pectorals and external oblique backwards even

They took a good look at this superbly handsome slender hero,
his right cheek was slightly reddish from the slap, but it was still
so squarishly chiseled and firm. The pecs were highly striated
showing the leanness of his muscles. As on the cutting-edged abs
which was etched with 6 chocolate-bars like blocks, there was a
pinkish welt caused by Leo’s ferocious pounding.

SWIISSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH! With a pull, Kim tore away his upper
lycra suit to disclose his tanned pecs. He also removed his pants
with a sudden pull, lower abs and flattened groin were exposed but
the manhood was covered by a brief. Now they could locate all Absman’
s 8 packs on his abs, the piano-keys external oblique and two wings
of pectoral muscles which fanned out enticingly.

Bob approached Absman and without any warning, THUD!CHUD!TWACK!
KRUAK!............Both of his massive arms functioned liked a
jackhammer, firing missile-like punches right into Absman’s abs!
Every punch was copiously powered, the enhancer filled his fists with
enormous strength and with this abnormal evil power, Bob bulldozed
the steel-hard abdominal wall of Absman without mercy.

trying to contract his abs to withstand the onslaught.
But in vain. It was pointless. Bob’s strength was beyond any

He shot his arms left and right methodically on each row. He
concentrated on every slab of Absman’s abdominal brick, the speed
was tremendous and it expelled air from Absman’s gut faster than he
could inhale. The lightning punching sent Absman’s body staggering
in the air and sharp piercing agony bombarded his mind into dizziness.

The poor Absman was turned into a human punching bag by these
bodybuilding freaks. The completely pumped arms of Bob flew in the
air with great speed, all the veins spidered all over underneath the
skin and he had lost count with how many times he already punched.
The thrill of pulverizing real solid muscles drove him into temporary
madness and oblivion. Whenever his fist contacted the hardened abs of
Absman, he remembered how he was insultingly defeated by him in the
past. The persisting grudges
propelled his intention to break him immediately.

But Absman’s highly workout abs defended the punches
extremely well, Yes, he felt the pain, true pure pain, but not as bad
yet. Groaning he was, OOOGHHH..ARGHH..
EEGGHH…..OOUUCCHH…..OUWWWW..WWOOWWWW….but the noise was minimal and
not ear-piercing. Apparently, Absman was able to took the beating
under prepared flexing. The contraction transformed the already
shredded abs into a deeply cut 8-panels board.

Bob stopped at last, after countless punches grilling the well
known harder than nail abs of this masked hero.

OOOOUUGGGHHHHHH…………….EEERRRRRR…………Absman grabbed the
opportunity to grunt with faster panting, he generated his inner
power within his stomach to alleviate the burning pain, he knew that
he still had to face 3 more combatants. Busey was happy, but Rodrigo
was barely satisfied. Druglord didn’t expect Absman’s resistance to
be at such high level. He really thought that with enhancer drug,
Bob should be able to break him with ease.

Absman looked more handsomely attractive now, he was panting
laboriously, his abs heaved up and down, sweats started to lubricate
every striation of his slenderly ripped body. The abdominal zone was
pinkish all over and he knew that it was matter of time to totally
annihilate the beautifully sculpted abs.

Leon brushed Bob aside with a light push, he looked at the cool
Absman with a scornful stare. Leon shrugged his mounding shoulder to
relax the boulder-like traps, his arms were as massive as corded
tree trunk, the bicep was easily bigger than 30 inches in

“Come on, Leon, make him beg for mercy.” Yelled Rodrigo.

Leon donned a pair of leather gloves into his hands. The leather was shiny black with
steel spikes attached all over the knuckle area. He was all ready to
maul Absman’s spectacular abs. His fate was worse than Bob. He was defeated by
Absman with 2 broken ribs, fractured left arm and cracked right shin.
Rodrigo picked him up from the jail and treated him with the best
medical technology and now there were more than 10 metallic plates
inside his body. He already vowed to pay back Absman for what he

Absman flexed his abs while Leon was taking the punching stance.
He felt certain internal pain upon contraction but still within
endurance. The glaring spikes on the leather gloves looked ominous
and he couldn’t visualize the pain it would inflict on his highly
compressed muscles. He just braced himself, regulating the breathing
and clenching his jaws. But Leon didn’t unleash the punches straight
away, instead he began the initiation by caressing Absman’s jagged-
edge abs. He wanted to sense the undulation of his abdominal wall, he
wanted to feel every cleavage and curvature in among 8 slabs of the
muscular panels.

Absman was a bit surprise to see his response but even more
surprise to find himself feeling deeply horny and thrilled by his
touching. So he started to relax slightly and Leon noticed that. He
grinned in his heart and he got even more sensual. The spectators
were so aroused by his act, a buff-bodied man caressing a virile
handsome hero!

KAPOWWWWW! Suddenly, Leon removed his left arm and liked
lightning, his right arm flashed through the air to plant a huge
“steely” punch squarely onto Absman’s abs.

OOOFFFFFGGGHHHHHH! Caught unexpected under relaxation, Absman
felt a huge gush of wind was expelled from his stomach, at the same
time, a massive ball of agony just exploded around his stomach area.
But then again, the existing compact texture of his abdominal muscles
neutralized most of the bombardment forces, though the pain was bad
enough, but it was still bearable.

The question now was how long Absman could stand?

They were all fully equipped, completely enhanced by drug, Leon
just started and there were 2 more to go.

Leon was slightly appalled to feel the hardness of Absman’s abs
though he managed to gain some penetration. But he was confident that
he could break him. He took a final look at Absman’s enticing
contracted abs, then he ignited the mechanism of his biological
punching machines which launched 30 punches per minute methodically.


Absman took every punch with a heavy pant, the grunt was subdued
but audible. His
tough look tightened up with cheek muscles strained, his jaw lines
appeared to be more prominent and sharper.


Leon assaulted his whole abdominal zone, from the first layer to
the lower gut around the groin area. Both of his arms were empowered
with drug-induce strength, it propelled the fists at the maximum
speed and every contact inflicted sharp shooting agony as the tips of
the spikes found their inroads into the highly flexed muscles.

After about 5 minutes, Leon seemed exhausted, the punching
slowed down, more than 100 punches had landed on Absman’s heavily
welted abs. Sweats once again covered his handsome face, the wincing
was more apparent now, sometimes he just shut his eyes and writhed
rhythmically. While receiving relentless poundings from Leon, he
generated more internal “chi” to shield and neutralize the damaging
forces incurred from the punches. This type of ability enable Absman
to endure the escalating pain and the most important of all, to
prevent internal trauma which would weaken him completely.

But the pain was real and very very torturing.

Leon stopped after 10 minutes when Absman was about to yell. The
timing was just right for Absman to regain the depleting strength. He
was fortunate this time as Leon underestimated Absman’s endurance.
He didn’t expect him to have such a mettle to stand his onslaught
and furthermore, he was over exerting and enthusiastic from beginning
which led to his early lethargy. He found himself sweating more than
Absman, both of his arms were highly achy and the soreness forced him
to stop reluctantly.….Absman’s breathing accelerated
and became laborious, the rolling action of his abs got faster and
stronger, contraction and relaxation alternated and seemed so
inviting. But to Absman, he was actually suffering quite badly now,
every breathing sparked off excruciating pain. In fact, if Leon went
on for another few more punches, he would have screamed submittingly
or even passed out.

The lull provided room for him to regulate his generation of new
“chi” though he knew that it was getting slimmer and weaker.
Worsened by the soreness from various part of his body due to prolong
restraint position, he found his ability to contract and flex his abs
had been undermined to great extent. He took a look at his own abs,
the overall
morphology of 8 squarish slabs was still visible but the demarcation
lines were blurred
by the angry reddish bruises and welts. The condition of his abs was
actually quite awful now as the drum-tight skin were punctured by the
sharp spikes. Bleeding was spotty but the pain was quite burning.

“Let me pound him.” Said Neo who held Absman up. He just couldn’t
believe Absman still could stand tall after being gutpunched by Bob
and Leon. As he was in close contact with Absman, he actually felt
the impact rushed through Absman’s gut and gently hit his stomach.
Every punch was so devastating but Absman seemed to absorb it again
and again. In fact, the generation of “Chi” sustained Absman’s
ability to encounter the horrible poundings from them, unfortunately
he was not sure how long he could continue.

Neo released Absman who instantly slumped to the floor. His abs was
hurt liked hell but he still managed to bear it heroically. Bob and
Leon gripped his arms from behind and erected him up. Then they
pushed his upper body outwards by stepping on his broad back.
To worsen the posture torturing, they pulled his arms backwards to
arch his pecs and abs to the fullest. Under such position, every
muscular fibre of Absman’s tout abdominal muscles was stretched to
an extremely rigid tension. It was intended to afflict more pain when
it was battered.

Neo cocked his fist and his knuckles just jutted out liked metallic
bolts. Then he asked for a dog chain which he wrapped up on his right
fist. He decided to pound single-armed, he didn’t want to shift his
strength from left to right and vice versa. He wanted to concentrate
his strength only in his right arm and right fist. He took a firm
stance just in front of the restrained Absman. Before he began, he
lifted Absman’s chin to take a good look at his drop-dead handsome
face. Absman showed slightest fear on his complexion, the defiant
pose projected the level of his toughness to be a masked hero. Neo
asked for a bottle of oil and he smeared some on Absman’s hot gut.
The oil was slightly caustic as it stung the bruises and at the same
time lubricated Absman’s markedly shredded abs.

Busey, Rodrigo and the Druglord were thrilled to witness the sexual
preparation. Absman’s abs now was shiny and glossy, every cutting
line was highlighted to show the real hardness of his muscles. Absman
just gritted his teeth, he looked at the chain which covered Neo’s
fist, he knew that this would be even more annihilating.

Neo strained his arms with all his huge muscles solidified, then he
gathered all the force inside his right fist, with a swing, the punch
flew through the air and landed liked a grenade onto the over-
stretched mid-section of Absman!

KKKAAAPPPOOOWWWWWWWWW! The sound was terrifying, it was so clear and
loud that it vibrated the eardrums of everybody who was around. The
sight was even more scary as the fist practically sank inside Absman’
s hardened gut without any obstacles. The pounding impact was
transferred into Absman’s stomach and erased all the “chi” which
Absman generated around his abdominal zone as protection. Absman
could feel air was being squeezed out from every orifice in his body,
he even urinated slightly as the bladder lost control due to the
massive pummeling strength. Absman’s head sprang forwards, both eyes
popped out, his mouth was forced to open wide, tongue
jutted out from his oral cavity, some gastric juice was spitted all
over Neo’s pecs and the pain, there was no way to describe the
magnitude of pain.

Absman was too painful to even yell!

His mind was blinded with agony, only the first punch, he thought he
was going to die.


It was a long screech from Absman, never before he had to scream
liked that, but after Neo withdrew his fist, when all the pulverized
organs sprang back to their position, when all the snapped muscular
fibres returned to their normal shapes and sizes, the pain just shot
up to another higher level. This was the time Absman had to shrieck
gutturally to relieve part of the throes boiling inside his stomach.

BLAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Another chain-wrapped fist followed.


So it went on.

The scene was so intense that almost everyone started to feel so
turned on, such a tight rippling abs being hammered by chain-wrapped
fists all over the place, the thudded sound, the grunts, groans,
moans and screams, mixed up and reverberated in the steamy humid air
of the warehouse. Every punch caused a shove to Bob and Leon who held
Absman firm, every punch degraded Absman ability to withstand the
excruciating agony which chewed his mettle and spirit inch by inch.

Absman was pushed to the edge of delirium, his mind floated up and
down between consciousness and semi-consciousness, sometimes he
sensed short blackout but in no time, his superb mental and physical
endurance pulled him back to senses.

As for Neo, his right arms worked like a mechanical pile-driver, it
bashed, pounded, pummeled, hammered, plowed, slugged, hooked in all
direction and posture. His grudges towards Absman was abysmal,
fathomless and if he could, he would just kill him off.

But he was not allowed to do so. That would be the very very last thing to happen.

Absman's was in a total pathetic situation, Neo's right arm
mechanical pounding worked truly savagely and viciously on his
already thrashed abs. The chain, the metals, the forces, the
strength, the hate, drove Neo's right punches deeper and deeper into
Absman's scuplted abs.

When Neo finall halted the assaults, Absman was motionless,
nobody knew whether he was still awoke. He had been striving and
struggling haplessly within limited movement, he screamed and yelled
all his heart out, his handsome face contorted into extreme
distortion and beyond recognition, his face was burning red as pain
grilled his mushy abs at feverish level. His head drooped with
sweats drenched his hairs, his whole musculature was further
lubricated with the pain-inflicted sweats, it added a layer of oily
effect on his highly stretched muscles cracks and demarcation

Neo lifted his head up. No, he was still conscious, but
obviously in heavy daze, the magnitude of agony and throe pushed him
closer to the unconsciousness state. But his own humane strength and
unbelievable defiance, as usual sustained his senses which would led
to even more torments for him, as most of the enemies couldn't
withstand this kind of heroic performance. So was Busey, Rodrigo and
the Druglord. They took this natural ability as a show-off or a sign
of retaliation.

Druglord finally said, "Neo, let Kim complete the final kill."
He ordered, "Kim, put on the jelly-fish glove." Kim's face beamed
with a devilish grin. He knew about this glove, it was battery
supported and it could transmit electrocution effect like jelly
fishes always did in the sea when it contacted human muscles. It was
generally known that the after-stung pain from jelly fish was the
most horrible thing to have been experienced by human. Most of the
time if the victims were left untreated, the toxin and pain would
cause death at the end. But with this special custome-made glove, it
wouldn't kill as there was no injection of toxin, but the pain was
real and very very similar to the one caused by jelly fish.

In order to torture Absman under full consciousness, the cruel
Busey presses a teaser into his groin. Hisssszzzzzzz! It caused an
aggressive body jerk and certainly another pitiful howling from the
was fully awoke, his heroic defiance made him start to struggle
again, every bundle of his muscles hurt, specifically his completely
deformed and bashed abs was wracked with excruciating pain.
OOOOGGHHHHHH..........he moaned and slowed down as the pain truly
tamed him down. His whole lower part of his upper body was badly
injured, both sides of his external obliques were scattered with
spotty welts like black panthers, but the centrepiece was his
abdominal zone, it was a pallet of numerous colours, blue, purple,
red and black, there were lacerations with clotted blood, bruised
openings and hole-type injuries, they covered the once superbly
chiselled 8-packed abs and it was no longer discernible now.

Furthermore, it was in perpetual pain, the pain never ceased,
it went on and on forever.

Kim already stood firmly in front of him, the gloves looked
like a normal leather gloves, the only difference was on the knuckle
area, there were countless little silver spots. Beneath these little
metallic spots, there was a complicated circuit network which was
connected to the battery. Once it contacted any surface, million of
electrical sparks would be triggered and believed me, these sparks
worked liked superspeed lightnings and they hurt liked hell!

The worse part of the torture was Absman was also aware of
these jelly-fish glove. It sent icy chills rushing down his spine.
He tried to contract his mid-section again, he failed. He attempted
to generate more chi, no, no more chi left inside his body. It was
all used up. He was abused and tortured to the limit, his body was
left as a normal human body now, his muscles were even flimsier and
weaker than normal huaman muscles as it had suffered more than a
thousand poundings and punches. He felt totally listless, pliant and
drained, as hollow as a metallic pipe.

At that very moment, he wish he just died but too bad, this
would be a sheer fantasy to him.

Kim rubbed both of his fists together, HIZZZ..HIZZZ..HIZZ
the electrical sparks were triggered and crossed with each other. It
was a horror display, even Neo, Leon and Bob were slightly shuddered
seeing the sparkles. Busey laughed whole heartedly, Rodrigo just
cheered and applaused, but Druglord looked stern, he wanted Absman
to be totally broken and defeated, so far they had drilled and
grilled him bad enough, but his sterling performance minimise the
satisfaction and ecstacy so far generated. They wanted him to sob,
to cry, to beg for mercy, to tell them he surrender, to tell them he
would do whatever they wanted him to do, as long as they stopped the

But up to this stage, this possiblity was very remote, or would
never happened at all.

Helplessly strung up there, Absman stared at Kim without fear,
he was ready to give up his life, he wished he would just die upon
the first strike.

Kim retreated both of his arms backwards and swiftly planted
both punches simultaneously on his mid-section and lower abs.

and sight was horrible, there was no screaming from Absman's throat,
but his handsome face was twisted, wrinkled and knotted in the
greatest deformation ever happened to any superheroes. His mind
instantly went black, his eyesight went dark and bright alternately,
he couldn't move, he couldn't think, he couldn't feel, it was a very
strange sensation, he thought that his body had been detached from
his neck.

It was an unexpected painless relief.

It was surely unexpected but it was also very very brief.

After only a few second, he felt the PAIN. PAIN which could
never be told, be described, be measured, be scaled. PAIN which tore
apart his abdominal muscles into thousands bits, fresh and raw. PAIN
which forced him to scream his loudest scream in his life, the
longest scream he ever made before. His whole body rocked up,
stretched and strained into the maximal tightness. It seemed like
every bundle of his body muscles was going to popped out and
blasted. He truly felt that he was going to faint.

But again, his iron mettle sustained his consciousness which
turned to be his own disadvantage now. As KIm saw that he was still
awoke, he furiously repeated the pummelings without any mercy. He
couldn't believe Absman would be able to stay conscious after the
first double blow. His pride was hurt, he felt challenged and he
determined to destroy Absman to his last drop of sweats.

continued and reverberated in the air. Absman's body writhed and
wriggled liked a breathless eel. He couldn't stop screeching, his
handsome face couldn't stop twitching.

And the other spectators couldn't help getting hornier and
hornier to see such a muscular and handsome hero being tortured at
the ultimate level.

Liked the previous punchers, Kim lashed out the punches after
punches with unbelievable strength. The sizzling electrocution
grilled Absman's battered midsection and upper torso as sometimes the
punches forayed and landed on his pecs or obliques.

Absman couldn't sense anything now but pain. It seemed as the
agony was perpetual and it lasted forever, it streamed swiftly
through every sensory nerves, it hit every sensitive spot inside his
body, it hammered and mutilated every inch of his muscles on the
upper body.

It was a hell for Absman.

But he took it liked a real hero, liked a man.

When Kim halted. both of them were drenched wet in sweats, they
were panting heavily, especially Absman, he knew that he had passed
out a few times due to unbearable pain and awaken by the shearing
agony again. Even after the onslaught had stopped, he still felt
liked there were thousands of bulls stomping all over his upper body,
he felt like every inch of his muscles was set ablaze, liked
millions of nails were hammered into every pores on his skin.

Again, he wanted to die but too bad, no way.

Busey stared at Rodrigo and Druglord in vain. They have
succeeded in torturing Absman, annihilating his once superbly
sculpted body, but the satisfaction was not there as Absman still
kept his lips tight and refused to beg.

Absman's head dropped totally almost touched his heaving pecs.
The electrocuted spots were burning red and they were densely
scattered all over the tout muscles. Rodrigo grabbed Absman hair and
inhaled deeply to burn the cigar in his mouth, he pulled his handsome
face to look at him, Absman's eyes could hardly open and saliva
drooled uncontrollably from his mouth. Rodrigo spotted a bruised
welts on Absman's gut, he pressed the cigar's butt on the wound.

Another stream of flaming agony tore apart Absman's mind.

Rodrigo then picked up the taser and electrocuted Absman's broadback.


When the electricity coursed through all over his undulated and strong back, Absman just

rosked up his body automatically and thrusted his abs outwards, it hardened up the already

battered abs and every slab of his abdominal muscles just jutted outwards.

Druglord couldn't help it, he rushed forwards and blasted a
series of punches into the rippling abs.



It was an arousing scene, Rodrigo was shocking Absman on one
side and Druglord was ferociously gut-punching the mushy abs of
Absman on the other side. It was a double agony for
Absman, it was so degrading and torturing.

Absman was forever "gone". He would never be able to reappear
again. Rodrigo, Busey and Druglord were only the few who wanted to
hold Absman captive, but out there, there were more than 50 villains
who already registered to become master for Absman.

After this long torturous night, Absman would be sent to Busey's
jail for 1 month, then to Rodrigo and it went on until the last
villain. Then the whole round would start again. Within this one
month, Absman was merely a piece of hard meat to them, they could do
anything to this superbly handsome and tough hero, but they couldn't
kill him.

The city had lost a precious hero. because out there somewhere, a
young heroic guy was haplessly tied up, screaming in pain,
struggling in vain.......................