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IN HIS BUDDY'S GUT _______1st part


We were best friends, Bobby and Kurt. We thought alike, fought alike and even kind of looked alike. Both 18, 5'-9, blond, blue eyes and very tanned. Kurt was a little bigger than me at 170lbs. He had just a bit of a gut but it was still tight and solid. We liked to wrestle and would go until someone called "uncle", usually because he was getting his belly beat in. One day Kurt told me to take the tractor back to the barn and that he'd pack the tools in the truck and meet me there. We had just repaired a busted connection on the blade and were ready to quit for the day. It was a good job for a couple of young guys. We got to work hard outside all summer usually wearing just shorts and work boots. We were tanned and tough and maybe just a little cocky. I headed back to the old wooden structure where we stored all the equipment. It was usually really hot inside and smelled of hay and diesel fuel. The only light came from one end of the building where one of the boards had fallen off as well as a couple of light bulbs hanging by their wires from the roof. I pulled the tractor into it's usual spot and turned off the engine. I heard the big old wooden door sliding shut behind me and assumed it was Kurt screwing around. I said without turning around "leave the door open pinhead". As I turned around I realized that there were three guys standing just a few feet from me. I'd never seen them before and could tell by the way that they were checking out my stomach that they weren't there to stack hay. Before I could say a word they were on me. All three were punching away at my face, ribs, kidneys and stomach. After a few minutes I was down on all fours gasping and coughing, trying to catch my breath and my bearings. I heard one of them say, "pick him up". Two of them grabbed me and lifted me off the floor. They stood me up holding my arms back. One of them also had his arm across my throat so I couldn't double over. The third guy started working me in the gut from just below the rib line down to just below the belly button. This seemed to go on forever. I could hear the dull thuds as their fists connected with my now softening belly. I was grunting and moaning and tried to cough out pleas of "no more, aw c'mon, no more in the gut". The smallest of the three liked to concentrate on my belly button, throwing rapid fire rights and lefts until I thought I was going to pass out. He stopped only to switch with the darker one who worked me slowly and methodically in the solar plexus. The only sounds I could make now were weak coughs and the whoosh of my breath being forced out of my body. I waited for Kurt to come back hoping they would take off hearing the truck coming. He was taking way too long. The first guy took another turn by having the other two pin me to the dusty cement floor spread eagle. He straddled me at my hips and began sinking his big fists deep into my gut to the left and right of my abs which were tensing and softening uncontrollably. Finally I heard the door slide open. Kurt stepped in and yelled "get off him". He ran toward us as the three guys left me doubled over on the floor and ran toward the open door. One tripped Kurt as he passed by and he went down. They stopped, looked at each other then walked over to Kurt. Just as he said "what are you doing", they started kicking him in the stomach. Only once more did he have enough breath to say, "what are you doing" as they kept kicking him in the ribs and gut. I couldn't help him because I was still trying to catch my own breath. One of them said, "that's enough", and they were gone. We both took some time to recover. Kurt came over to me and helped me up asking if I was OK. I said "I think so" and asked, "how about you"? He said "I'm OK. You're the one who got it the worse. Considering the job that one did on your solar plexus I'm surprised you're still conscious". We talked a bit about who we thought they were and where they came from, then we each headed for home. That night as I laid in bed rubbing my brutalized gut I realized something strange. How did Kurt know that one of them worked me in the solar plexus? He definitely hadn't gotten there yet. Why did it take him so long to show up? Why didn't I hear the truck pull up before he showed up? Then like a bolt of lightening I remembered him telling me once after a good wrestling match how he would love to watch a group of guys take turns working me over in the gut. Holy shit! He set me up! He must have watched the whole thing from that gap in the wall! It all fell into place. At first I was furious and thought of going to his house and beating the crap out of him but then I remembered one more thing. I had always fantasized about tying him to a beam overhead and doing him in the gut for a few hours. Maybe this was my opportunity to get my shot at him. I began to plan.



IN HIS BUDDY'S GUT ____________2nd part


I had to figure out a way to find out if Kurt had set me up for the beating I took in the barn that afternoon. He had told me more than once how he would love to watch three guys work me over in the gut. I ran through in my head what I knew.

There was no way he could have known in particular about the one guy beating me in the upper stomach. He didn't show up until after that part of the beating was over.

He should have been right behind me getting back to the barn. All he had to do was throw a couple of toolboxes in the truck and go but he didn't show up until the beating was almost over.

I only heard one truck pull up and I thought it was the guys who beat the crap out of me, but when they left, their truck sounded like it was parked way out by the street. I didn't hear any truck pull up just before Kurt walked in.

That night we were going to go out and have a few beers. Usually this meant we'd end up wrestling in his apartment over the feed store after closing the bar. I knew something was weird about that whole episode in the barn but I'd been just going along as if everything was OK. Sure enough, we closed the bar and ended up rolling around on Kurt's floor throwing body shots into each other every chance we got. I had him pinned at one point and I was working him in the stomach. I thought about how I'd love to tie him up and pound his gut in the name of revenge. He coughed out a weak "submit" and I rolled off of him. He got up to get us a couple more beers and I just laid there on my back. I turned my head and noticed that there was a videotape slid under the entertainment center. I pulled it out and popped it into the player. It was a tape of me getting my belly pounded in the barn. I could hear Kurt's voice behind the camera going "yeah, yeah, beat that stomach, c'mon harder, harder". When Kurt walked back into he room he just stood there looking at me watching the tape. All I said was, "I knew it". For a minute he didn't say anything then he asked "so what are we going to do about this?" I told him I knew what I wanted to do. We needed to even things up. I told him to get me some rope and to take his shirt off.
In minutes he was tied to a beam overhead. His gut was wide open and ready for whatever I wanted to give him. His rib line was obvious and his belly was pulled in ready for the first blow. He had a bit of a meaty roll under his belly button that tucked back in a few inches above his waistband. His shorts had dropped low exposing the whole belly. His tanned stomach was mine for the beating. I wanted him to get the same series of punches I received so I started with a several hard punches to his face ribs, kidneys and gut. Having his arms tied to the beam overhead stretched out his body so his kidneys and ribs were wide open to any abuse I wanted to give them. When I moved in to start pummeling his belly I could see his abs tighten up. He had a nice six pack but I'd have it brutalized and softened in no time. He moaned and coughed and grunted out loud with each solid connection just below the rib line. He finally went totally soft after an extended, rapid fire pounding directly into his belly button. I stepped back and watched his gut heave in and out for a while then methodically sunk several solid blows deep into his belly about an inch above the belly button. He was soft and my fist seemed to disappear into his gut. I then moved on to below his belly button. He was hurting. He kept grunting out "awwww, my gut, no more, no more". I'd fake some shots into his solar plexus just to see him wince in expectation of the pain. I finished up with deep blows to the center of his now unprotected belly. The sound was intoxicating. I didn't want to stop but I knew he had enough.
I sat down on the couch and watched him recover. He kept repeating, "awww my gut, my gut". I told him I figured we were even now. Since then, our wrestling matches have had a lot more fire than they've ever had before. He might set me up again for all I know, but that's OK. I get a good ab workout out of he deal and a good excuse to set up a belly party for him later on.