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ANTONIO AND PAULO first part by D.HT.

Paulo got to the beach early in anticipation of the confrontation with Antonio. He wore his blue trunks with the yellow tie string. These were his favorite shorts and he considered them his "lucky" trunks because he had worn them last time he met up with a guy who wanted to test his stomach against his. He had taken some really hard shots to the gut, but he had delivered even more devastating blows to the other guy's belly. He had put him down in the sand after only 10 minutes. Antonio would be more difficult, he thought. Antonio's stomach was very muscular and it would be hard to get him to go down. Paulo kept trying to think of way to sucker punch Antonio so that his stomach would be soft and unprepared for a really hard blow. He would have to think of a way. As Antonio walked through the crowd at the water line, he saw Paulo over near the lifeguard station. He stopped and stood just behind a large umbrella so he could observe Paulo for a few minutes without him knowing it. Antonio had seen Paulo at the beach several days before and was impressed by some of the stories he had heard about his fights. Paulo usually took on bigger, more muscular men, and he had done well. His arms were deceptively small but he could deliver a hard, sinking punch to the stomach that was very painful. He was fast too. He could punch a guy six or seven times before the guy could react. The strangest thing about Paulo, Antonio recalled, was that he could take several punches in his stomach and remain standing, ready to take even more. He watched as Paulo walked slowly toward the outbuilding close to the nearly empty parking lot. That was where they were to meet. Paulo didn't let on that he knew Antonio was behind the fat lady's umbrella watching him. He felt like flexing his thin, but hard body, but thought better of it. He wasn't sure how much Antonio had heard about him, and didn't want to give any details away. He looked like easy prey, and he wanted to it to stay that way. Antonio arrived at the outbuilding but didn't see Paulo anywhere. He walked to the corner of the shed and as he began to walk around to the other side, he turned to look behind him. As he passed the corner of the building, a small, but powerful fist thrust forward and struck him in the stomach just below his solar plexus. WHUMPFFFF!! was the sound that came out of his mouth as all of the air in his lungs exploded out taking most of the spit with it. His arms instinctively came up and wrapped around his stomach as he doubled over, his head slamming into the sidewall. Hitting the wall dazed him slightly but the pain didn't register through the ache in his stomach. He turned to put his back up against the wall so he wouldn't fall and his hands reached behind to touch the wall to steady himself. Just then, another devastating punch sunk deep into his gut right above his navel. His stomach was again, soft and unprotected. OOOOHHHHHHH!!, he yelled as his knees buckled and he doubled over again. His eyes squeezed shut as his faced contorted into a grimace. Paulo looked upon his victim without any pity whatsoever. He had known that to get the upper hand, he would have to sucker punch this muscular guy and he did it with pleasure. Paulo grabbed Antonio's hair and yanked his head up forcing the man to stand upright again. Antonio grabbed Paulo's arm with both hands to try and stop him. Doing this, he left his midsection unprotected again and Paulo did not miss his opportunity. He brought his right knee up and drove it into Antonio's lower belly pushing his insides back into him. Paulo's heart was racing as Antonio made an incredible grunt/groan noise and went down to the ground. His arms folded under him and his face sank into the soft, white sand. He tried to turn his head so the salt-like sand would come out of his mouth which was wide open trying to pull in air. He coughed and his stomach tightened and relaxed uncontrollably forcing his body up and down as if he were making love to the earth. Paulo sat down next to him and put his hand on Antonio's muscular back. He rubbed his hand in a circle over Antonio's shoulder and down to his waist. He knew that soon, Antonio would recover enough to want his turn. But he wasn't sure he wanted to let that happen. As Antonio rolled over onto his back, Paulo balled his right hand into a fist. Antonio arched his back and put his arms over his head to stretch out the pain in his stomach and lower belly. Paulo noticed Antonio's closed eyes and wondered.......


As Paulo watched Antonio's stomach rise and fall with each breath, he did not notice Antonio reaching into the warm, white sand and taking a fist full. The pain in Antonio's stomach was an ache he had not known before. He knew that Paulo was still near him and was probably ready to try and drive his fist deep into his belly even though he kept his eyes closed. He counted on Paulo's gaze being further down and he dared to open his eyes just a bit. As he thought, Paulo was staring at his heaving midsection. Antonio flicked his arm up and released the fist full of sand toward Paulo's face. As he flexed his arm, ready to strike at Antonio's well-muscled stomach, Paulo suddenly felt a stinging in his eyes. They closed tight from the pain and his hands went up to his face automatically. He was on his knees in the sand next to Antonio. Ahhhhhhh! Paulo yelled as he rubbed his eyes in vain. Then, he heard a THUD! and felt a dull, sinking feeling in his stomach. He couldn't breathe. The ache started slowly but grew stronger and stronger with each passing second. His mind was spinning -- he had been punched hard in the solar plexus and he knew this pain. Antonio was stunned. He had just socked Paulo in the gut as hard as he could from his prone position. He felt his fist go deep inside Paulo's small, but firm midsection and he had heard the wind come out of him, but Paulo's hands remained cupped over his eyes and he barely doubled over at all. Antonio, now determined to take his turn with this kid, stood up and took two steps back. He thought quickly about the last, well-placed soccer kick he'd delivered the week before in a friendly game with his neighbors. He looked at Paulo's stomach and saw the black and white soccer ball. His weight transferred to his left foot as he swung his right leg toward the "ball". His instep rammed into Paulo's gut just above the yellow tie string of his trunks. The force of the kick knocked Paulo back so fast that his legs and feet sprang out from under him and he landed on his backside. This time, the pain triggered the instinctive reaction of protection. His arms dropped to his stomach and, even in the sitting position, he bent over gasping for air. Antonio didn't wait. He dropped onto Paulo's legs, one knee on either side of his hips. He put his large hands onto Paulo's chest and shoved him backward as hard as he could. He was a bit larger than the boy he was sitting upon so Paulo went back easily from this shove. Paulo felt the warm sand on his back, but he forced himself to stop his backward movement before his head hit the ground. He was in a crunch position when Antonio landed a devastating, downward thrusting punch into his stomach. There was a hollow sounding THUD as Antonio's fist impacted Paulo's tensed stomach. Then another as Antonio brought his other fist down. Another and another as Antonio pounded on Paulo's belly with both fists -- right, left, right left. Again, Antonio could not believe how much this thin, good-looking kid could take from him. He knew that he had power in his fists and punches, but Paulo remained in his semi-sit-up position without trying to cover up at all. Antonio hesitated, then put both of this hand up and interlocked his fingers, creating one huge pounding instrument. He waited, glancing back and forth between Paulo's eyes, which were still closed and tearing from the sand, then back down at his gut to see if he relaxed at all. He noticed the defined muscles smooth out just a bit and knew that Paulo was relaxed and trying to take a breath. WHUMPFFFFFF!! His doubled fists sank into Paulo's unflexed stomach. OOOHHHHHH!! came out of him and his body jerked up to almost a sitting position, his chin going down onto his chest. He started to cough and groan loudly. Antonio was pleased and threw a forearm striking the younger, smaller boy in the head. That was done more as an insult than to cause pain or disorientation. Antonio was angry that it had taken all of his power to get this reaction out of Paulo. Antonio stood and went to his beach bag. He took a bottle of water out, removed the cap and took a long, cool drink. He walked over to Paulo and took hold of the gasping boy's wrists and forced them away from his eyes. He poured the water from the bottle over Paulo's eyes flushing the sand away. "Open them!" Antonio shouted. Paulo tried to comply but it was difficult. Antonio kept pouring the cool water over Paulo's eyes and he watched as it ran down the boy's chest and stomach. Paulo opened his eyes finally, and the remaining sand was washed away. He was blinking rapidly and rubbing his eyes to try and stop the stinging. Paulo saw a blurred figure standing behind Antonio. He blinked again and again until his vision cleared. It was Luciano, his young neighbor. Luciano was 16 years old, but looked 19 or 20. He was almost six feet tall and weighed about 180 pounds. He had a muscular upper body and very, very strong legs from his track and field training. Antonio turned and looked at the boy and smiled. "My turn..." Luciano said as he pulled his shirt off over his head. Both Paulo and Antonio gazed at the boy's ripped body noticing his defined eightpack, which had small drops of sweat hanging motionless and gleaming in the sunlight. Both older boys felt a stirring sensation in their groin area. Antonio looked back at Paulo and winked. "You wanna hold, or punch first?" he asked. Paulo returned Antonio's wink and stood up.


As Paulo rose to his feet and began brushing the sand off his knees, Antonio rushed past him, bent at the waist and at a full run. Paulo turned and watched as Antonio closed in on Luciano. The muscular 16 year-old had his arms stretched upward and his head back, looking up at the beautiful white clouds, which dotted the deep blue of the sky. Paulo smiled as he realized what Antonio was about to do. He was running full bore in a hunched over, American football like position and he was headed right for Luciano's perfectly sculpted stomach. Antonio's head went by the boy's body and his ear brushed Luciano's side. Then, his muscular shoulder made contact with Luciano's stomach. Paulo cried out, "Oh YEAH!" as he saw the boy's body fold over Antonio's shoulder and back. Antonio felt Luciano's gut muscles as they formed over his shoulder and then tightened so as to guard against any further penetration. Luciano's feet left the ground and his arms came down fast, as his hands grasped for any part of Antonio to hold on to. Antonio kept driving forward with Luciano's full weight on him, forcing him down toward the sand. Luciano's back hit the sand hard as Antonio's shoulder drove deeper into his stomach. Antonio put his left hand on the kid's chest and pushed down to hold him in place. As he raised his left fist high in the air preparing to punch downward into Luciano's gasping body, he was surprised to feel two arms come under his and lift him off of the breathless muscle boy. It was Paulo and Antonio couldn't believe this guy's strength! He had just had the air and spit punched out of him yet he was still able to pull someone weighing a good 40 pounds more up off the ground! Antonio felt Paulo's hands clasp behind his neck and force his head down toward his chest. He struggled trying to free himself from this wrestling hold, but he couldn't. Then he saw the boy on his feet. He was doubled over holding his stomach with one hand while the other hand rested on his knee. He was breathing easier now, but still in short gasps. As he straightened up, Antonio saw that his perfectly muscled stomach was pumped up and his abs were even more defined now that he had rammed his body into them. The boy slowly approached Antonio and Paulo shouted at him, "Come on boy, right in the gut -- punch him hard man!" Antonio was still a bit sore from the pounding Paulo had delivered, but he tightened his stomach as best he could. The punch that was on its way would not be stopped by his attempt to resist it. Paulo thought to himself, "...that's the loudest THUD! I've ever heard!..." as he recoiled backward from the blow that was delivered to the stomach of the guy he was holding. Antonio tried to cry out, but he couldn't make a sound. The boy's fist was buried deep in his belly and he was still pushing in with all his weight. Dark spots started to form in Antonio's vision and he was sure he was going to pass out. Luciano pulled his fist back quickly knowing that it would add to the pain his victim would experience. As he did, Antonio let out with a loud OHHHHHH!! and his knees buckled. Paulo wanted to get even with Antonio after he had taken the beating from him that he had. "Let me..." he said to Luciano and hoisted Antonio back up on his feet. Luciano took hold of Antonio and got him in the same full nelson hold that Paulo had shown him. Antonio was still dazed and offered no resistance to the pair. Luciano felt Antonio's warm back on his stomach as he held him up for Paulo. This feeling excited him and he waited to feel the impact that was to come from Paulo's fist driving deep into Antonio's gut. Paulo waited. He savored the moment seeing Antonio in the vice like grip of that muscular boy. He could see Luciano's biceps bulging and the veins in the boy's hands stood out from the pressure he was exerting on Antonio's neck. Antonio felt his head being forced down and his chin was pressing into his chest. His stomach hurt more inside than outside. There was a deep, ache that caused him to tense and relax, tense and relax -- almost uncontrollably. Paulo was watching this too. He wanted to time his punch so that it would strike when Antonio's stomach was relaxed. Paulo stepped to the side of Antonio so that he could deliver a roundhouse punch in a side-arm fashion. He brought his arm back, balled his hand into a tight, hard fist and put all his weight into swinging his arm toward his victim's body. Antonio's eyes first opened wide -- almost bulging, then they closed in a tight grimace. The groan that came from his mouth was long and low. He tried to cough but couldn't. Then he tried to get air back into his lungs but again, he couldn't. The pain in his stomach was unbearable. Paulo's fist impacted in his solar plexus when he was totally relaxed and with such power, that Luciano stumbled backward almost 4 full steps. He felt Antonio's full weight as his legs went soft and he went limp in his arms. He struggled to hold him and had to bring his knee up into Antonio's lower back. Luciano forced his knee upward and Antonio's body responded by bending backward -- his stomach stretched in front of Paulo. Paulo smiled and took a deep breath. He wanted to regain all his strength because he wanted to punch Antonio's stomach until he went out cold. He wanted to teach this boy a lesson and then he wanted to have Luciano take some of the same medicine. For a medium sized boy, Paulo was tough and wanted to prove it.

Antonio, strong bodybuilder
Paulo, is it enough strong?